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High-density MPO fibre cabling for enterprise environments

High-density MPO fibre cabling for enterprise environments is the backbone of the entire communication infrastructure. It encompasses the organised and standardised cabling infrastructure that supports various information technology systems, such as data, voice, video and other multimedia services within an organisation.

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Understanding polarity in fibre optic MPO cabling

Fibre optic cabling is a critical technology in high-speed data transmission. Its ability to carry vast amounts of data over long distances with minimal signal loss has made it indispensable in various applications, from telecommunications, data centers and industrial networks. One essential aspect in properly functioning fibre optic systems is ‘polarity’.

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OSA announces new distribution partnership with RUCKUS Networks

OSA is pleased to announce our distribution partnership with RUCKUS Networks. RUCKUS Networks has a large foothold in the hospitality and education sector in Australia and is a leading provider of purpose-driven networks within specialised industries.

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EXFO D-Series OTDR available from OSA. Maintain top optical performance and minimise test equipment downtime. Replace optical connectors in the field, view connector health and replace worn connectors without needlessly sending the tester back for maintenance.

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EXFO Trend Sumitomo EOFY deals are available now at OSA

Small businesses will be able to claim an immediate tax deduction for the full value of an asset purchased if it is in use prior to June 30th, 2023 (rather than claim depreciation amounts over subsequent years), up to $150K. Hurry to take advantage of it while you still can.

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OSA research and development labs

OSA’s research and development labs enable our engineers to plan, design, test and demonstrate customised network solutions. OSA customers access ideas and systems that break convention and pioneer new frontiers in fibre optic and security networking.

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Zyxel networks – An easy and unified network experience

Zyxel networks for home and business are your networking ally. OSA stocks a range of Zyxel products for small to medium applications. Zyxel solutions are innovative and unified and comprehensive, giving businesses the peace of mind of having a complete suite of network solutions.

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Teltonika cellular and IoT devices

Teltonika cellular and IoT devices include modems, gateways, routers, switches and IoT platforms. Teltonika is a world leader in industrial and professional applications with a reputation built on reliability, security and ease of use. OSA is Australia’s leading distributor of Teltonika products and has in-house technical expertise.

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End-to-end solutions from OSA

End-to-end solutions from OSA are purposely integrated, saving our clients time and money and all backed by superior and local technical expertise. From InOne power and fibre cabling from Hexatronic to advanced surveillance technology and cameras from Vivotek and the ultimate in testing equipment from Trend Networks, OSA is your complete end-to-end solution distributor.

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InOne power and fibre solutions

InOne power and fibre solutions from leading brand Hexatronic are saving clients up to 70% of installation costs. Complicated installations and multiple cables for power and fibre connections are a thing of the past. With Hexatronic InOne, devices may be connected to power and fibre networks with a single, ultra slim micro hybrid cable.

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