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No. 1 Worldwide in Fibre Optic Test Solutions

Next generation network infrastructure

Next generation network infrastructure

EXFO are the leading experts in testing, monitoring and analytics for the communications industry.

They are number 1 worldwide in fibre optic test solutions – pioneering essential solutions for over 30 years.

OSA’s partnership with EXFO enables them to provide turnkey network solutions across a wide range of market verticals. EXFO’s core values align with OSA’s passion for quality and commitment to innovation.

EXFO and OSA offer cutting edge technology for testing fibre optics and guarantee your network meets global demands.


True Fibre Optic Innovation

True Fibre Optic Innovation

EXFO are true fibre optic innovators. They are a leading provider of next-generation test and service assurance solutions for wireless and wireline network operators and equipment manufacturers in the global telecom industry.

The company offers innovative solutions for the development, installation, management and maintenance of converged, IP fixed and mobile networks.

Spectral Testing

Test and Measurement Equipment

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Data Post-Processing

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Optical Loss test set Quad-wave

Hire Services

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Best in class

Best in class

EXFO are the leaders in assessing Ethernet business services, from turn-up testing, to baselining, troubleshooting, monitoring and SLA conformance.

FTTN networks
DSL is the most widely deployed broadband access technology across the globe to bring triple-play services to business and residential customers.

FTTH/PON networks
Bandwidth demand is growing faster than ever. In a context of high pressure on cost and decreasing level of optical expertise in the field, FTTH/PON network testing is a necessity, and this, throughout all stages of the network lifecycle.

Industry best quality

Industry best quality

When it comes to high-speed transmission, especially when transmitting at 10G, 40G/100G, assessing fibre quality is a must. Once the basic parameters (i.e., loss, ORL, etc.) are under control, the next step is to qualify the fibre and to ensure that it is fit for transporting actual customer traffic. Polarisation-mode dispersion (PMD) and chromatic dispersion (CD) optical testing becomes crucial at high speeds.

Future proofed network.

More bandwidth. More services. Future proofed network.

Passive optical LAN testing.
Following the FTTH trend to deliver more bandwidth to the consumers, a new technology is rising to provide more bandwidth, more services and future-proof networks to the enterprises: passive optical LAN (POL). Also called OLAN or fibreer-to-the-desktop, this GPON-based technology creates a very cost-effective local area network (LAN) with virtually unlimited capabilities.

There is an increasing demand for service, experiences and data – instant availability, anytime, anywhere has become the norm.

With the demand for bandwidth and the advent of 5G and the disruption of the IoT and IIot, fibre needs to be deployed quickly. Testing of fibre optic networks is crucial and real time testing with rapid response solutions essential.

EXFO Test and Measurement

D-Series OTDR From EXFO
MPO-12 Power Meter and Light source
FTBx-88260 -1G to 100G network tester
FTBx-88260 -1G to 100G network tester
MPO and MTP® Testing Kit
The FTB-500
The FTB-2


See what our clients are saying

“Working with the team at OSA ACT produced excellent results. Through their established partnerships and technical know-how, our team and the team at OSA were able to engineer a working solution for the testing of the new fibre optic network infrastructure at Parliament House Australia that exceeded all expectations. The relationship with OSA enabled the department to employ financial diligence and successfully complete the comprehensive testing requirements ahead of time and with total accuracy and confidence.”

Mark Boomby

IT Director, Australian Parliament House

“Partnering with OSA gives us a huge advantage. I’m confident that we will continue to rely on Dennis and his team. Their knowledge of the products and their commitment to servicing the customer are second to none.”

Greg Upton

Director, MDE

“We’ve been working closely with OSA to make sure delivery schedules are being met, the right products are being sourced and installed and even commissioning the services. OSA has helped us to make sure we deliver the best solution we can to our clients.”

Richard Stach

NCIS Project Director – Integration


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