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Industrial Networking Solutions

Optical Solutions Australia (OSA) is a 100% owned and operated company who have been supplying communications product and support services to industry for decades. The Industrial Networks Business Unit within OSA has been established to focus on critical Wired and Wireless network solutions specific to the requirements of industries including Mining & Resources, Energy, Infrastructure, Security & Surveillance, Construction, Government, Telecommunications, Medical, Business Support and Urban Development.

Our solution is not limited to the selection and distribution of factory direct technologies, but includes pre-sales system design, project staging, and ongoing after sale technical support services provided nationally by factory-trained engineers. OSA works in partnership with our client to deliver a high performance, reliable and future-proof industrial network.

Where is Industrial Networking Technology required?

Particularly robust industrial networking technology is essential for applications where the delivery of data is critical. Such applications mostly exist in industries operations in arduous environments of extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations and/or where vibration, dust and electromagnetic interference can challenge our end goal of delivering constant connectivity.

Key Solutions in:

  • Critical Networking Infrastructure – IP Switching, Media Conversion, PoE
  • Wireless Infrastructure – Radios, Specialized Power, Protection and Antennas
  • Industrial Cellular Routers – IIoT, M2M, 3G/4GX LTE, CAT1-NB, Antenna’s
  • Industrial IPC – Monitors, Vehicle Mount PC, Industrial PC
  • Power Supplies – Industrial Switch Mode, PoE, Solar, Power Conversion
  • Industrial Rated Fibre Optics – Transceivers, DWDM Multiplexers

You can read our full Industrial Networking Solutions Capability Statement.

The complete local solution

All of OSA’s 6 national branches has the capacity to stock, distribute and provide key technical support to local industry requirements. From Australia’s widest range of robust, reliable and future proof industrial connectivity solutions to pre-sales design, tests and support. For all data communications and networking systems contact us to meet your industrial networking challenges.

Network Switch

Networks Switches

Media Converters

Media Converters

Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks


Cellular IoT/M2M

Optical Tranceiver

Optical Tranceiver

Power Supply

Power Supplies

DC Input MST

PoE Injectors

Industrial HMI & PC’s

Industrial HMI & PC’s


Network Solutions Products

Industrial Cellular Plus 802.11n 2.4G WIFI IP Gateway JetWave 2311
Industrial Cellular Router/Gateway JetWave 2310
Industrial Dual 802.11n 2.4G/5G 2T2R MIMO Wireless AP/Bridge JetWave 3220
Industrial LTE plus 802.11n WIFI Wireless IP Gateway JetWave 3420
Industrial Rackmount 24+4G Managed High Power, IEEE802.3at PoE Switch w/ 24-port PoE JetNet 5728G
Industrial VPN Router Computer with GbE/SFP, Serial JetBox 5630Gf
Industrial 10 FE/8 PoE, 4GbE, Managed L3 Routing Switch JetNet 7714G-M12
Industrial JetNet6910G-M12 Rail Switch 7x FE 1x Gbe Hi Pwr PoE 2x Gbe
Industrial JetNet6528Gf 24x Gb 4x 1Gb SFP L3 Rack Mount, 720 Watt PoE


See what our clients are saying

“Working with the team at OSA ACT produced excellent results. Through their established partnerships and technical know-how, our team and the team at OSA were able to engineer a working solution for the testing of the new fibre optic network infrastructure at Parliament House Australia that exceeded all expectations. The relationship with OSA enabled the department to employ financial diligence and successfully complete the comprehensive testing requirements ahead of time and with total accuracy and confidence.”

Mark Boomby

IT Director, Australian Parliament House

“Partnering with OSA gives us a huge advantage. I’m confident that we will continue to rely on Dennis and his team. Their knowledge of the products and their commitment to servicing the customer are second to none.”

Greg Upton

Director, MDE

“We’ve been working closely with OSA to make sure delivery schedules are being met, the right products are being sourced and installed and even commissioning the services. OSA has helped us to make sure we deliver the best solution we can to our clients.”

Richard Stach

NCIS Project Director – Integration


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