OSA’s technology partner, VIVOTEK, has become a leading brand in global security because of their investment in R&D, their focus on innovation and their commitment to delivering world-class IP surveillance solutions.


VIVOTEK’s comprehensive portfolio of over 700 products is available from all six OSA warehouses nationwide and it includes:

●Network IP
●Video servers
●Video receivers
Network video recorders
●Cloud service
●PoE solutions

OSA’s strategic alliance with VIVOTEK integrates key elements of the Internet of Things, enabling OSA to deliver a complete ecosystem for the surveillance industry.



Reduce bandwidth and storage with H.265 and Smart Stream technology

VIVOTEK’s new H.265 (high efficiency video coding) network camera series delivers higher and more efficient image compression rates, while also maintaining high image quality.

It is available in 2-Megapixel to 12-Megapixel models, and in a range of camera styles to suit any application.

When combined with the sophisticated Smart Stream II & Smart Stream III, VIVOTEK’s new generation of video compression technologies, bandwidth and storage consumption can be reduced by up to 80-90%, compared to traditional H.264 cameras without smart streaming.

Together with VIVOTEK’s NVRs, professional VMS, VAST/VAST 2, the H.265 network camera series and Smart Stream video compression technologies provide complete H.265 solutions, perfect for indoor and outdoor environments, from small to medium scale applications.

360° panomorph

Achieve zero blind spots with 360° panomorph lens technology

Offering the latest in panomorph lens technology, VIVOTEK’s FE9391-EV provides 180° panoramic view (wall mount) or 360° surround view (ceiling/wall/floor mount) … with zero blind spots.

This market-leading 12-Megapixel 360° panomorph network camera is able to provide comprehensive coverage of open areas such as airports, shopping malls, parking lots, retail stores, offices and more.

A detailed 12-Megapixel CMOS sensor guarantees superb image quality, and the removable IR-cut filter and WDR Enhancement technology allow the camera to maintain optimal image quality around the clock for unparalleled visibility under high-contrast lighting environments.

3D Noise Reduction technology enables the camera to capture clear, polished video under low-light conditions, whilst VIVOTEK’s Smart IR II technology with Adaptive IR reduces glaring hotspots and/or underexposed dark spots.

Retail Solutions

Increase profitability with retail solutions

VIVOTEK’s retail solutions help business owners and managers to improve operational efficiency, increase profitability and optimise management decisions by providing users with the tools to estimate in-store traffic, improve staff management, evaluate the effectiveness of promotions and marketing events, and increase sales revenue.

Developed over nearly 20 years in the retail industry, VIVOTEK’s complete retail solutions include clear, powerful surveillance to improve loss prevention and provide highly accurate retail intelligence for business insight, as well as 3D People Counting technology, heat map and POS integration … all without the need for an onsite PC.

The 3D People Counting technology seamlessly integrates with VIVOTEK’s VAST CMS, to provide retail business owners with reliable in-store analytics and 24/7 security surveillance.

And because the counting data is directly computed on the camera, instead of relying on a dedicated computer to run analytics, it also saves bandwidth and reduces the chance of data loss during network disconnection or power downtime.

Speed Dome Network Camera SD9161-H
Dome CCTV Cameras
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3MP Bullet Camera
Bullet CCTV Cameras
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Vivotek - Box Camera
Box CCTV Cameras
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Fish Eye Cameras
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CCTV Mounting Equipment and Accessories
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PoE injector & Power Supplies
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Media Converters
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Vivotek Ethernet Switches
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Vivotek: Global IP Surveillance Solutions

Safeguard passenger safety and enhance security with transport solutions

VIVOTEK’s high-quality video monitoring systems help to ensure passenger safety, by acting as a deterrent preventing crime, providing clear footage to aid in identification of culprits and allowing security personnel to quickly respond to any irregularities.

Additional features enable the systems to accurately count passengers, provide operational awareness for manoeuvring and even act as an emergency video communication system, while advanced edge analytics further enhance systems capabilities, providing useful data for passenger flow optimisation and effective space allocation.

VIVOTEK Transportation Solutions are designed for onboard, wayside and station surveillance and can be deployed onboard a full range of vehicles including buses, trains, fleets of trucks, tankers and special purpose vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks and ambulances.

All VIVOTEK Transportation Solution equipment is reliable and rugged, compliant with the strictest regulations required by international law and transportation authorities, and built and tested to endure harsh environmental conditions.

Vivotek: Global IP Surveillance Solutions

Ensure reliable recognition with Licence Plate Capture

VIVOTEK’s Licence Plate Capture (LPC) cameras deliver clear licence plate images for reliable recognition in both the highest levels of glare and in the darkest hours of the night, making them suitable for traffic monitoring, red light enforcement, speed enforcement, surveillance and security, traffic and tolling systems.

LPC cameras can capture vehicle speed up to 140 km/hr, and one camera covers both scene overview and LPC view, as well as covering dual lanes.

Value-added features include RBF (Remote Back Focus), DIS (Digital Image Stabilisation), headlight filter, snapshot focus and optional external IR illuminators.

Together, OSA and VIVOTEK provide tailored, standards-based and turnkey IP surveillance solutions for our customers …

… solutions that work both now and in the future, ensuring next-generation compatibility.

Contact us to find out more.

Vivotek Products

24-Port GbE RJ45 +2-Port GbE RJ45/SFP Layer 2 AW-GES-267A L2+ Managed Switch
H.265 8-CH Embedded PoE NVR
Outdoor VivoCam L2+ Managed PoE Switch
Outdoor VivoCam L2+ Managed PoE Switch VIV-900043300G
Outdoor VivoCam L2+ Managed PoE Switch VIV-900043400G


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“Working with the team at OSA ACT produced excellent results. Through their established partnerships and technical know-how, our team and the team at OSA were able to engineer a working solution for the testing of the new fibre optic network infrastructure at Parliament House Australia that exceeded all expectations. The relationship with OSA enabled the department to employ financial diligence and successfully complete the comprehensive testing requirements ahead of time and with total accuracy and confidence.”

Mark Boomby

IT Director, Australian Parliament House

“Partnering with OSA gives us a huge advantage. I’m confident that we will continue to rely on Dennis and his team. Their knowledge of the products and their commitment to servicing the customer are second to none.”

Greg Upton

Director, MDE

“We’ve been working closely with OSA to make sure delivery schedules are being met, the right products are being sourced and installed and even commissioning the services. OSA has helped us to make sure we deliver the best solution we can to our clients.”

Richard Stach

NCIS Project Director – Integration


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