OSA are the sole Australian distributors for Korenix Technology, a global leading designer and manufacturer of innovative industrial networking products.

Korenix Technology’s high-quality wired and wireless networking solutions deliver reliable industrial networks for a range of vertical markets, including surveillance, machine-to-machine (M2M), automation, remote monitoring and transportation.

Their industrial Ethernet switches and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology deliver efficient video sequence data to control centres for analysis either in real time or after an event occurs.

OSA supplies the entire Korenix range, which includes:

Surveillance Camera

SMART city surveillance on moving platforms

At the heart of any SMART city is public safety, and Korenix Technology helps deliver IP network-centric video surveillance that protects citizens from terrorism and theft, as well as preventing sabotage and vandalism in public places such as airports, roads, railway stations, buses, ferries, bridges, ports and buildings.

Korenix Technology’s comprehensive surveillance solutions for the uniquely harsh environment of moving platforms address the challenges of extreme temperature and humidity ranges, as well as the need for mechanical robustness.

From the front-end IP camera connection, through the backbone of network data transmission, to the monitoring room management …

Korenix Technology’s innovative and state of the art products ensure video transmission quality and reliability for a range of vertical markets.



Strong and reliable machine to machine (M2M) communication

Korenix Technology’s machine to machine (M2M) technology enables networked devices to exchange information and perform actions without human manual assistance, making it ideal for improving production and efficiency in applications such as traffic control.

Korenix’s M2M technology delivers strong and reliable networks that overcome the challenges of data transmission to the control centre, caused by environmental factors such as extreme temperatures, precipitation and high humidity concerns, as well as variations effecting Wi-Fi network coverage.

Media Converters
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Industrial VPN Router Computer
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Korenix Outdoor Wireless
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Korenix: Innovative Industrial Networking Products

Improved efficiency with automation solutions

Korenix automation solutions not only provide ideal working and living conditions, they also improve efficient operation of building systems, warehouses and factories by helping reduce energy consumption and operating costs.

Designed for the industrial environment, Korenix Technology’s networking devices are built to withstand electrical noise, dust, extended media distances, round-the-clock operations and wide temperature variations.

They also provide administrators with the ability to capture, control and analyse data from industrial and manufacturing equipment in real time.

A complete range of LAN, serial and DIO connectivity platforms make networking on the factory floor easy and convenient, while providing plant personnel with the tools they need to increase machine uptime and availability.

Korenix’s innovative automation solutions are designed for intelligent buildings, such as hospitals, public facilities and smart homes, with Korenix Rackmount switches as the core of device control via ethernet networks, providing redundancy and security enhancement.

Remote Monitoring

Secure and robust remote monitoring

Equipment that can endure extreme temperatures, high humidity, dust and even explosives, whilst incorporating routing security, managing security, and ingress filtering …

… Korenix Technologies have designed a range of secure and robust remote monitoring solutions for a range of industries, including POS, banking, telecommunications, transportation, industrial automation, energy, power, military and medical fields.

Wireless devices such as the Korenix industrial-grade WLAN controller deliver a secure and robust network, protecting critical data and privacy.

It can easily manage access points (AP) under different network domains and features a roaming function that allows the moving clients to connect to different APs in a short period of time.

Advanced Transportation System

Advanced transportation system technologies

Korenix advanced transportation system technologies help reduce crime and vandalism, improve efficiency, reduce operating costs and upgrade service quality and security for passengers on transit systems.

These advanced transportation system technologies also address the lack of power source on board transit systems for standard IP camera powering, and they achieve industry certification approvals forming a complete intelligent transport solution that is easy to install and configure, can withstand harsh environments and provide stable communication between carriages and stations.

Products include MSR network redundancy, long distance fibre network along the trackside, industrial HW design, ESD protection and power isolation.

5 year warranty

Five year warranty on Korenix Technology products

Korenix Technology has a complete quality assurance system from product design stage to manufacturing to ensure high quality and reliability, which is why Korenix Technology products come with up to five years warranty.

Optical Solutions Australia supplies the entire range of Korenix Technology products, which are available to order through any of our Australia-wide network of warehouses.

If you have any questions about Korenix Technology products, OSA staff have received specialised training at the Korenix Technology head office and would be more than happy to talk to you have about this innovative technology.

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Korenix Products

Industrial Cellular Plus 802.11n 2.4G WIFI IP Gateway JetWave 2311
Industrial Cellular Router/Gateway JetWave 2310
Industrial Dual 802.11n 2.4G/5G 2T2R MIMO Wireless AP/Bridge JetWave 3220
Industrial LTE plus 802.11n WIFI Wireless IP Gateway JetWave 3420
Industrial Rackmount 24+4G Managed High Power, IEEE802.3at PoE Switch w/ 24-port PoE JetNet 5728G
Industrial VPN Router Computer with GbE/SFP, Serial JetBox 5630Gf
Industrial 10 FE/8 PoE, 4GbE, Managed L3 Routing Switch JetNet 7714G-M12
Industrial JetNet6910G-M12 Rail Switch 7x FE 1x Gbe Hi Pwr PoE 2x Gbe
Industrial JetNet6528Gf 24x Gb 4x 1Gb SFP L3 Rack Mount, 720 Watt PoE


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“Working with the team at OSA ACT produced excellent results. Through their established partnerships and technical know-how, our team and the team at OSA were able to engineer a working solution for the testing of the new fibre optic network infrastructure at Parliament House Australia that exceeded all expectations. The relationship with OSA enabled the department to employ financial diligence and successfully complete the comprehensive testing requirements ahead of time and with total accuracy and confidence.”

Mark Boomby

IT Director, Australian Parliament House

“Partnering with OSA gives us a huge advantage. I’m confident that we will continue to rely on Dennis and his team. Their knowledge of the products and their commitment to servicing the customer are second to none.”

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