Optech is a leading technology company, offering accurate lead time and high-quality products to customers, including networking and communication solutions.

Optech pushes the boundaries of communications technology with world-class products and cutting-edge expertise. They collaborate with partners to help customers gain a better understanding of the world’s most advanced networks.

Optech is proud to be part of Optical Solutions Australia’s select group of cutting-edge vendors who work in partnership with OSA to create accurate lead time and achieve world-class performance for our customers. Optech is committed to optimisation and the ability to provide turnkey network solutions across a wide range of data and telecom companies.

By helping clients achieve quality networking, our market-defining technologies and data expertise are ready to optimise your networking future.


Optech helps network teams gain a better understanding of user activity, application performance, threat vulnerabilities and network events simultaneously, while protecting the investment of monitoring tools and lowering the overall cost of proactively monitoring your network.

Where there’s a way, Optech is ready to help you get there.

Optech has sold our high-performing products to worldwide data centres, telecom and datacom companies in over 40 countries around the world in Asia, Europe, America and Africa.

And because Optech’s operations have years of experience in the fibre optic industry, this allows OSA to provide quality, RoHS compliant products and flexible delivery.

Optech manufactures numerous data and telecom products for many industries including aviation, military, transportation, power sources, education, medical science, data centres and security services.

Optech ensures our optical products and Direct Attach Cables are RoHS compliant, and we have achieved UL and TUV Rheinland requirements, including ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.

1.25Gbps SFP, MMF, 850nm, LC, 550Meter Reach +70 Deg C
1.25Gbps SFP, MMF, 850nm, LC, 2klm Reach +70 Deg C
1.25Gbps SFP, SMF, 1310nm, LC, +70 Deg C
1.25Gbps SFP, 10/100/1000 Base TX RJ45, 100 Meter Reach +70 Deg C
10Gbps XFP, MMF, 850nm, 300 Meter Reach +70 Deg C
10Gbps XFP, SMF, 1310nm, +70 Deg C


See what our clients are saying

“Working with the team at OSA ACT produced excellent results. Through their established partnerships and technical know-how, our team and the team at OSA were able to engineer a working solution for the testing of the new fibre optic network infrastructure at Parliament House Australia that exceeded all expectations. The relationship with OSA enabled the department to employ financial diligence and successfully complete the comprehensive testing requirements ahead of time and with total accuracy and confidence.”

Mark Boomby

IT Director, Australian Parliament House

“Partnering with OSA gives us a huge advantage. I’m confident that we will continue to rely on Dennis and his team. Their knowledge of the products and their commitment to servicing the customer are second to none.”

Greg Upton

Director, MDE

“We’ve been working closely with OSA to make sure delivery schedules are being met, the right products are being sourced and installed and even commissioning the services. OSA has helped us to make sure we deliver the best solution we can to our clients.”

Richard Stach

NCIS Project Director – Integration


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