Zyxel networks – An easy and unified network experience

Zyxel networks for home and business are your networking ally and OSA stocks a range of Zyxel products for domestic, commercial and enterprise applications. Fully supported by OSA dedicated research and development labs – purpose-built for secure project pre-staging and supporting real-time technical fault diagnostics applications.

Zyxel solutions are innovative, unified and comprehensive, giving businesses the peace of mind of having a complete suite of network solutions.

Zyxel networks have been getting business, home and large scale enterprise users online for over 30 years with technology expertise ranging from switch to wireless and security.

Their commercial networking solutions are designed specifically with your applications in mind, whether you are a small or medium business, large scale enterprise or facilitating state of the art technologies in hospitality, audio visual, security or education sectors.

And they are not just for commercial and enterprise applications. Zyxel connects your home, so you can get the best from life. Whether it’s sharing music around the house, streaming movies on the sofa or gaming with friends on the other side of the world, Zyxel has a huge range of secure plug and play solutions that will inspire you to live a fully connected life.

Every sized solution imaginable

Easily Scaleable WiFi solutions from the humble AP to hotel room solutions with PoE for external devices, through to multi-campus managed WiFi6E high bandwidth networks. WiFi 6E, the extended version of the WiFi 6, provides a huge innovation leap to wireless industry by taking it into a much wider 6GHz radio spectrum for higher capacity, minimal interference, and faster speeds.

Every size solution imaginable can be managed within the Nebula Control Center which gives centralised, easy to use, control over all Nebula wired and wireless networking devices from a single pane of glass, from any device. Nebula simplifies your business infrastructure and offers simple, intuitive and scalable management for networks of all sizes.

Zyxel networks are the ideal choice for small to medium enterprises in the CCTV security, education and hospitality sectors.

Using Zyxel’s solutions makes managing your network infrastructure simpler, faster, more reliable and provides better connectivity.

Total ease of use

The Nebula Mobile App offers a quick approach to network deployments and management, with which you can use the QR code scanner to register a large number of devices on Nebula Control Center all at once and to record device mounting locations. Deploy your Zyxel equipment direct to remote sites, already programmed without having to remove them from their packaging.

Zyxel offers an intuitive web interface designed with chosen Networked AV features to give you an instant view of the status. The tailor-made design of “Networked AV Mode” for selected switch models provides users an instant view of the network status and setup AVoIP system with ease.

For the home user, you can transform your power outlets into a fast network throughout your home with Zyxel plug-and-play powerline solutions, capable of delivering ultrafast connectivity perfect for 8K streaming and a lag-free online gaming experience.

Set up your home network with a mobile phone. A fast and simple configuration will have you up and running in no time. Zyxel’s apps and interfaces allow you to manage your home network with simple management controls.

OSA is your Zyxel distributor of choice

OSA is Australia’s leading distributor and technical experts of Zyxel products. Our trade counters offer exceptional advice on the Zyxel network switches, wireless networks, outdoor wireless and cyber security.

For over 30 years, Zyxel Network Solutions have been perfecting their leading-edge technologies in networking, wireless, cyber security and SD-WAN Cloud Based solutions. If you are a small to medium sized business or if you are looking for a competitive and quality networking solution for the home or office, Zyxel networking from OSA is the smart choice.

OSA is Australia’s leading distributor of Zyxel networking products. Our in-house expertise ensures our customers receive the highest service standards, technical support, product supply and competitive pricing.

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