Patch cord FO, LC-Duplex PC/UPC Grade Bm – LC-Duplex PC/UPC Grade Bm, Multimode OM4 (G50), Duplex Figur 8 (2.0 x 4.2), FRLSZH, 1m

R&M - Patch cord FO, LC-Duplex PC/UPC Grade Bm – LC-Duplex PC/UPC Grade Bm, Multimode OM4 (G50), Duplex Figur 8 (2.0 x 4.2), FRLSZH, 1m

  • Standard LC Duplex OM4 patch lead


  • Patch cord with LSZH jacket, F8 2.0×4.1 mm, turquoise (aqua), multimode G50 50/125 µm (OM4), bend-optimized.
    Mounted on both sides with LC-Duplex connectors in acc. with IEC 61754-20. Zirconia (ceramic) ferrule with a PC polished
    endface geometry, connectors qualified in acc. with IEC 61753-1 for category U (uncontrolled environment). Beige connector
    housing (multimode), turquoise duplex clip, material PC / UL 94 V-0, 1 x black and 1 x red strain relief, white plastic dust

Optical specifications (random mated):

  • Insertion loss (IL) Grade Bm for 100% of the tested specimen: ≤ 0.50 dB / typical ≤ 0.15 dB
  • Return loss (RL) Grade 3: ≥ 35 dB
  • Mechanical specifications:
  • Mating cycles: delta IL < 0.2 dB after 500 mating cycles
  • Pull-out force patch cord: ≥ 100 N (per connector)
  • Optional: Visual coding, mechanical coding and lock protection.


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