Industrial JetCon2502 Ethenet over VDSL Extender

Korenix - Industrial JetCon2502 Ethenet over VDSL Extender

  • IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet Converter
  • IEEE 802.3x Flow control & Back-pressure
  • ITU-T G.993.2 VDSL2 standard


JetCon 2502 is an Ethernet/POTS to VDSL2 (Very High-Rate Digital Subscribe Loop -2) extender and is compliant with ITU-T G.993.2 standard. It allows carriers to deliver Ethernet data up to 100Mbps in both upstream and downstream over existing twisted copper. The Ethernet/POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) converter features Discrete Multi-Tone modulator/ de-modulator and VDSL Analog Front End (AFE) technology; it is an ideal solution to carry POTS signal and Ethernet Data stream to 3000 feet to extend local LAN and voice on the same line.


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