OSA’s New Video – Client Testimonials

At OSA, we are dedicated to servicing customers and projects of all sizes across a wide range of industry and market verticals.

We are excited to share a brand new video showcasing our clients’ testimonials and our collaboration with them across large-scale projects.

As Australia’s No. 1 independently owned and operated Communications, Networking and Security distributor, we are committed to being agile and responsive to the needs of our customers, not constrained by a large corporate structure.

Integration and installation partners

“OSA has been a major part of my involvement working with Stowe Australia in all the large projects I’ve had the opportunity of doing,” says Josh McKeever from Stowe Australia.

I don’t have all the knowledge on the latest technologies or the latest advances in the materials or the cable equipment that’s associated with network cabling. In the relationship with Dennis and OSA, that’s where we learn the most; I lean on them for their knowledge.”

At OSA, we strive to offer our integration and installation partners and customers a best-in-class solution.

Great feedback on OSA

Anthony Belardo from Stowe Australia shared some great feedback on OSA’s customer service and solutions.

“They’re very, very knowledgeable. Obviously, with day-to-day onsite, you don’t normally have the time to get all the details. But a quick call to the guys at OSA and they know what you’re talking about. There’s no communication barrier there.”

A passion for distribution

At our very core, we’re distribution experts and we’re driven by a passion for distribution.

We use a team of experienced couriers to ensure speedy and secure delivery of products to our clients…

…and we’ll even come out and deliver on-site in person ourselves if it’s really urgent.

Reputation for delivering on time

“There’s never been an issue with deliveries; deliveries are always on time. There’s open communication. They advise us if products have any lead time prior to ordering, so we can then program that into the project to allow us to achieve our end date,” says Anthony Arcuri from Downer Engineering.

“They’re always first on my list when it comes to comms.”

We’d like to thank our partners Stowe Australia, Downer Engineering and Kerfoot for choosing OSA to deliver world class network solutions.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering on time, every time. We’re the largest independently owned distributor in our space…

…and we always stay one step ahead of our competition and we drive the market in innovation.

Get in touch with OSA for quality products, on-site, on time. We are committed to helping you deliver a smooth and profitable job.


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