Why OSA is the market leader of turn-key GPON solutions

OSA are the market leaders of GPON

GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Networks) is the highest speed, longest life, lowest cost network infrastructure available in the market. It offers a genuine future‐proof access network with flexibility and upgrade capability well into the future.

This high bandwidth, power saving, green technology is transforming a wide range of businesses and government agencies including mining accommodation camps, hotels and multi-dwelling accommodation, campus-style building layouts, retirement villages, residential and commercial developments, and corporate and high-rise buildings.

But what makes OSA the market leader of GPON technology distribution in Australia? And what does the future hold for GPON technology?

Turn-key solution

Providing a complete, turn-key solution

Our independent Australian ownership puts us in a unique position to offer our integration and installation partners and customers a best-in-class GPON solution.

At OSA, we select products and components based on our clients’ requirements. We ensure that we have the best designs and partner with our consultants to help educate our clients and ensure that the end result is satisfactory.

“We don’t just sell customers products and then step away when they’ve paid. We’re not box droppers. We back up our sales with extensive engineering knowledge and assistance, as well as pre-sales and post-sales support,” says Sean Serin, Business Development Manager.

“Most traditional distribution businesses just ask for a part number; you’ll get a price; you pay for it and they send a box out to you. The job is done, they move on to the next customer. At OSA, we have a lot of customer contact and we ensure the customer gets everything they could possibly need to put together a complete solution.

We don’t just sell one part; we can sell you the complete solution and all that’s required for the technology. We can ensure a seamless solution and complete connectivity.”

OSA also ensures that our integrators are trained and know all of the latest information regarding GPON. We make sure our certified integrators understand how GPON functions and operates, eliminating any faults.

Staging process for our clients

An effective staging process for our clients

OSA’s staging process allows us to create a bespoke network for our clients, built to the exacting and specific requirements of their particular network.

When we discuss GPON with our clients, we assist in designing how each component works, where parts should be situated and what the best split ratio is for their specific needs. Essentially, we deliver a working solution that is also the most affordable solution.

“GPON isn’t just a one size fits all type of network. Every single project is different. There are many ways to skin a cat when it comes to GPON. It really comes down to working with each client to determine what is the most cost-efficient design that will help the end client.”

We are proud to build GPON solutions for our clients that increase their invoice value at low risk.

We can also plan, build, demonstrate and test network systems – empowering our clients with the technical knowledge to help them build better, faster and cheaper.

We build unified solutions that simply work better for our clients, built to the exact and specific requirements of their particular network.

Investment in research and development

Investment in research and development

At OSA, we understand the importance of research and development in being able to deliver proven technology. We are the only Communications, Networking and Security distributor in Australia to have a dedicated research and development lab.

Our substantial investment in research and development minimises uncertainty for our clients and allows us to engineer and test infrastructure on their behalf.

We are the only Australian company to have both system design and staging capabilities across our research and development labs.

Unlike any other networking and distribution company in Australia, we have the R&D capabilities to future proof infrastructure, so our clients can create a five-year or even a ten-year plan, with the certainty that their infrastructure is future proofed.

Our R&D facilities provide us with an advantage over our competitors, allowing us to test and engineer solutions that are really forward thinking.

This also gives our clients an advantage too, knowing they can rely on us to always be one step ahead of the rest and proactively look forward, rather than playing catch-up to changes in technology.

The future holds for GPON

What the future holds for GPON

As technology and broadband continue to advance, we’re seeing more and more verticals slowly transition towards GPON. After all, GPON’s passive optical network delivers a much higher bandwidth capacity than traditional networks, with speeds capable of exceeding the maximum NBN plan by ten times (conservatively)!

GPON is also the lowest cost network infrastructure available in the market, using 80% less copper and 60% less power than traditional networks.

GPON fibre is also substantially lighter, affording huge cost savings for larger projects and transport of cabling. This allows businesses and government agencies to boost their Green Star Rating.

Recent advances in GPON technology (NGPON2 and XGSPON) mean GPON can continue to exceed the bandwidth requirements of end-users for the next two or three generations of technology.

“Within the commercial market, we can deliver 10G over GPON, and we’re already delivering 10G over ethernet. Ultimately, there are two things ahead in the future of networking: fibre and wireless.

Traditionally, fibre isn’t deep in our buildings and networks, and with wireless going to be far more pervasive in the future, Wi-Fi needs to have something to support it in the backend and transport the information. GPON is capable of delivering this because it’s a fibre-based technology, with larger fibre reach than traditional network technologies.

With the amount of bandwidth that’s required in a hospital environment, for example, they would want to switch to fibre connectivity, especially in specialist environments like medical imaging. The amount of data they need to move around, live, is massive. If they want to be able to move the data quickly, it requires a fast, large bandwidth network.

Because of our dedicated customer service, staging process and investment in R&D labs, we’re ready for whatever the future holds for GPON and will continue to stay one step ahead in the networking field.

As Australia’s No. 1 independently owned designer and distributor of world class network solutions, we’re ready to drive the market in innovation.

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