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InOne power and fibre solutions from Hexatronic have revolutionised complex power and fibre installations by creating a single cable that distributes both services. This eliminates the requirement to install separate power and fibre cablers. The InOne slim micro hybrid cables can be blown into microducts or installed using traditional techniques into conduit and the single cable construction is lowering installation costs by up to 70%. The cables can be daisy-chained across several kilometres, offering power and fibre to multiple device locations within a site.

The InOne system can be powered from a centralised power source, significantly mitigating power issues: you own the power. And with an existing power supply there is no downtime waiting for additional power connections which greatly improves installation speed.

Additional advantages of centralised power mean no more expensive multiple battery backups are needed. One centralised backup system is all that is required and the InOne power and fibre solution supports all network topographies. This eliminates costly power agreements with local power utility suppliers and property owners.


InOne is the ideal power and fibre solution for a host of applications

The InOne solution is ideal for a host of applications. Smart cities, large complex sites including multi-campus universities, ports, enterprise, stadiums, health and aged care facilities and the mining sector are all benefiting from the InOne system.

With distances of up to several kilometres and power transmission of up to 400W or more, the distance and power limitations of existing power and fibre transmission systems such as PoE are overridden.

Intelligent power supplies at the head end location convert power AC
power into safe 110VDC to be distributed in the slim cable with minimum loss.

At the end point the power is regulated back into stable, common power standards for industrial networking and other equipment. The InOne system is safety tested and approved in accordance to EN and IEC standards.

Bus, ring, tree and star topology are natively supported with InOne. When using ring topology, redundancy against cable cuts for both power and fibre is feasible.

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Hexatronic InOne is a complete end-to-end solution available in partnership with OSA

Australian customers access on-shore Hexatronic technical expertise and close the loop with compatible high-end surveillance and security equipment. OSA’s partnership with Hexatronic provides a seamless supply chain for rectifiers, termination panels, air-blown ultra-slim hybrid power/fibre cables and receiver units with fibre management.

OSA’s expertise in surveillance and security hardware adds significant value to delivering an end-to-end solution that creates additional time and cost savings for any project.

OSA’s distributor partnership with Hexatronic provides expertise at every touchpoint. Our team delivers local expert local knowledge, support, service and training. Our expertise, coupled with our full suite of InOne products and high-end surveillance and security hardware, means we close the loop on an end-to-end solution that encompasses performance for all levels of business, facilities and enterprise.

You can book an interactive online meeting in our virtual showroom with our technical InOne team and discover how Hexatronic InOne power and fibre solutions can save your business substantial capital expense and greatly reduce installation times.

To book your online meeting, contact Mr. Wes Oxlee Director Sales & Market Development APAC – Hexatronic.



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