GPON technology may be the most valuable service you can offer to your guests in the hospitality sector

GPON technology may be the most valuable service you can offer to your guests in the hospitality sector

Your guests are hungry and thirsty, and no, they’re not looking for room service or a fine dining experience…or even to empty your mini bar.

They’re hungry for bandwidth and they want it now. They’re on their laptops, their smartphones, their apple watches, and their tablets with an insatiable appetite for high-speed, high-bandwidth internet connection. They’re thirsty for 24/7 coverage and they expect it everywhere they go.

GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) technology is the silent revolution in the hospitality industry, separating the hotels of the future (who can compete with disruptive technologies such as Airbnb) from the hotels of the past, who are quietly sinking into oblivion without a trace.

Even if your hotel is many storeys high, or your facilities are spread right across a large resort, this high bandwidth, power saving, green technology is a fibre based infrastructure that can deliver voice, video and data IP services to hotel bedrooms, and Wi-Fi coverage to your entire premises over a single Fibre Optic Solutions.

As the very first point of contact with your guests, your front of house has to be available 24/7. Answering the phone, taking bookings, answering questions about your hotel…your front of house is the face of your establishment. Your teams’ level of service over the phone can be the deciding factor as to whether a booking is made or lost.

But guess what? “Times they are a changin’”. Your customers are now using the internet to compare prices, read reviews and decide where they will eat, drink, play and stay. Instead of picking up the phone, they’ll view your website and use an app, or log into your online booking system to book their accommodation or table for dinner, or access their room without going through reception via your hotel app

GPON lets you bring all of these services together…with fewer cables. In fact, GPON uses just one cable to provide Ethernet connectivity from the main data room to the Ethernet endpoints, regardless of how many end points there are, or where they’re located. This enables you to streamline your hotel management system, increase your online presence and compete with the digital disruptors.

Just make sure you let your guests know that unlike the Airbnb down the road, your Wi-Fi reception will never drop out and your hotel reception will be staffed 24/7!

Okay, so your guests have found you on the internet, used your website to check out your facilities, and finally they’ve booked their stay with you using your online booking system.

So, once you’ve got them in the door how does GPON become your hotel PR?

It’s actually very simple.

By offering your guests fast, reliable high bandwidth broadband, GPON (and your guests) will do all the work for you. Whether your guests are posting on Facebook, sharing their Snapchat Story, updating their Instagram feed or tweeting their friends, GPON technology lets them share their amazing hotel experience with the world.

And they’re also using an app to recommend your services to others. As long as you provide the Wi-Fi, they’ll do your PR for you for free…without even realising it.

GPON lets you control every single aspect of your hotel security…all via a single Fibre Optic Solutions.

Whether you’re talking about maintaining the security of your online credit card transactions, ensuring you have a secure and robust network for your gaming systems, upgrading your CCTV camera security system, or securing your hotel entrance with the latest touch technology…GPON can do it.

And when you want to add cameras to your CCTV system or provide your guests with key-free room security, GPON is also totally scalable without the need to recable the network.

GPON cables only require a fraction of the floor cavity space and they eliminate the need for giant air conditioned comms rooms, which means you can achieve substantial space savings, and repurpose your valuable hospitality real estate in ways that deliver a real return on investment.

Whether you choose to use that extra space to deliver more beds per room, a greater number of rooms, improved common amenity areas, or even an extra floor in your building…GPON lets you do it all without expanding the actual footprint of your building.

Need to ‘upgrade’ your technology? Replacing old technology and networks can be time consuming, disruptive to your guests and incredibly expensive. GPON infrastructure delivers a cost-effective way to upgrade your existing fibre network seamlessly to the next generation of PON technologies without having to re-cable your premises.

Working tirelessly behind the scenes for you, including weekends and public holidays, GPON technology also has hidden advantages you may not have even considered.

Just like your accountant or general manager GPON always has your bottom line in mind. GPON reduces your power consumption and because it uses fewer finite and non-recyclable resources than copper cabling, and it can also help you to meet sustainability targets.

In fact, GPON is not only the lowest cost network infrastructure available in the market (using 80% less copper and 60% less power than traditional networks) but it also has lower training, maintenance, installation and operational costs.

Delivering a better user experience: higher bandwidth capacity; substantial short- and long-term cost savings; a safer, faster, greener, space saving and future proofed technology…

…is there anything that GPON can’t do for your hotel?

Well okay, it can’t serve up a 7-course degustation menu paired with matching wines, but the 24/7 behind-the-scenes benefits it provides to your business lets you deliver on every level to give your guests what they’re really looking for.

And at the end of the day, isn’t that what hospitality is all about?

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