Network resilience

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At some point, everything fails. The TV goes on the fritz, the washing machine starts to shake, rattle and roll and eventually routers, switches, circuits and most other components within a network will bite the dust.

It is these eventualities that highlight the need to plan and design a network under the guidance of experts.

Future proofing is a critical consideration, no matter the size or complexity of its intended use.

Ensuring the best products are used, regular maintenance is performed and built in redundancy is applied at all layers of the network design go a long way to building network resilience.

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Using the best products

You get what you pay for. When planning a network design, the best advice is invaluable and using the best and most innovative products is an essential element.

You will spend a bit more at the start, however it will pay for itself many times over in longevity and performance. Network systems are so critical to our businesses’ survival and growth that compromising on quality products is on the liability side of the ledger.

At OSA we only stock the highest quality products and materials and only use state-of-the-art technologies to build network solutions for our clients.

Our trade counters only stock premium products; we don’t want our customers coming back with faulty goods, we want them coming back because they know that we only sell the best.

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DIY is a dangerous decision when it comes to planning and designing your network solution. Often, elements can be overlooked without the support of expertise that lives, breathes and eats network design. Failing to factor in redundancy contingencies will ultimately lead to low grade resilience.

Having to replace network infrastructure due to obsolete technology or single vendor compatibility, coupled with the need to employ a third party software engineering consultant are avoidable costly investments.

At OSA we are specialists in future proofing our clients’ systems. Whether you want to control your system with an iPhone, iPad, monitor or computer, our systems engineers deliver state-of-the-art, highly resilient networks that outperform for 5-10 years.

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Staging and testing

Building a resilient network includes quality products and expert planning and design. Another key layer is the ability to stage and test the network prior to deployment. This option is not readily available in the open market, with most system design facilities having very limited resources for staging and testing.

This stage and test capability enables the engineers to put the system through rigorous testing, isolating potential faults and rectifying any inconsistencies that may be present in the network system. The software engineers will test the system under pressure, generally more robustly, than what the system has been designed for.

OSA is the only network and distribution company in Australia with three purpose built research and development laboratories that can stage and test networks. When it comes to building resilience into a network, having this capability mitigates many redundancy risks and enables us to deliver the most resilient networks available.

Networking hardware test bench

Network maintenance

Ensuring redundancy measures have been implemented is essential, whether hardware, software or a combination of both.

Having the best products installed, the layers of planning and design expertly considered and the network thoroughly tested all contribute to the network’s resilience.

Once the network is live, the team must consider the operating hours of the environment and plan for regular scheduled network maintenance:

  • Check for critical operating system vulnerabilities
  • Perform a diagnostic on the power supply
  • Examine disc usage
  • Check for any hardware errors
  • Take a deep dive into the network’s security and update network security software and hardware
  • Audit and ensure that backups are being routinely performed
  • Upgrade any redundant components.

Here at OSA, we can help determine exactly what your business network needs to be working at its optimum level whilst mitigating risk. When you are ready to upgrade your system or simply need some advice, contact us for a no obligation chat.

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